Blue Sky Media is a vertically integrated media group that distributes and monetizes content digitally throughout the world.  Founded in 2005, Blue Sky Media is dedicated to driving change to the status quo film distribution cycle by embracing the newest technology available. Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona with multiple offices on three continents. More information about us can be found below.


Digital Airways is a high-end encoding facility and a direct aggregator for major VOD platforms worldwide. Our services include full QC, transcoding, archiving and delivery, as well as transparent reporting of data analytics.

Blue Sky Digital manages the operation of various digital content distribution platforms that we either own or maintain worldwide.

Content Dogs is our worldwide content acquisitions division. Our team of seasoned professionals collectively has more than 300 years of experience (in dog years).

They scour the world over, including most television and film markets, sniffing out the best content for our clients and ourselves.


Our most recent acquisition, LICKS, is an urban drama shot in Oakland, CA that was an official selection of SXSW and swept the awards at the Chelsea Film Festival a few years back. The film was released worldwide on digital platforms including iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Video, and Microsoft Movies & TV, as well as on DVD in Wal-Mart, Family Video and local retailers across the US.

We monetize content on our customizable channels, both local & worldwide. We deploy the algorithmic power of Content ID® to prevent piracy on YouTube.®

Blue Sky Media East Europe has individually acquired and built a library of more than 300 North American feature films for Central and Eastern Europe. Whether direct, or through local partners, our titles are distributed and sold to theaters, digital platforms and television.

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